The Realization of Creativity in Glass

Physiologically speaking, the sensation of colour is the result of perception by the eye. However, human colour sensation is also closely linked to the emotions and is always highly suggestive. Colours can be added and subtracted, yet they stimulate the emotions more than mathematical equations.
colored_laminates_2bUnder the umbrella of the Kuraray Group with its 6,500 employees, TROSIFOL is a striking dash of colour that transforms glass into pure emotion.
We supply the matching colours. The effect is simply brilliant.

Lively. Colorful. Brilliant.

> The purest and
most thoughtful minds are those
which love colour the most. <

John Ruskin

Brilliant Colours – For Lively Designs

TROSIFOL® COLOUR is a PVB design film for coloured laminated safety glass. 15 current standards colours, unparalleled in the brilliance of their hues, offer a huge diversity of possible uses. High colour intensity is achieved with just a single film in the glass module; multiple layers are not necessary. Thanks to its outstanding colourfastness, TROSIFOL® COLOUR is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Are you missing a colour? From a certain minimum order, we can produce many other colours on request. Do you have any further requests or are looking for other characteristics? If so, please contact our Technical Service. We would be happy to send you our COLOUR glass sample box.

> Through colour
I experience complete
identification with space.
I am truly free. <

Yves Klein

Color by Design

> Colour helps to express light,
not the physical phenomenon,
but the only light that really exists,
that in the artist’s brain. <

Pablo Picasso

Technical Data