Laminated Polycarbonate

LP 375.38 Special, Forced Entry, 30 Minute Physical Attack.390″2.44PDF
LP 500.38 Special, Forced Entry, 60 Minute Physical Attack.500″3.32PDF
LP 750Forced Entry.757″4.88PDF
LP 750 BR9 mm, Forced Entry.758″4.84PDF
LP 10009 mm, .357 MAG, Forced Entry1.000″6.54PDF
LP 1250.44 MAG, Forced Entry, 60 Minute Physical Attack1.250″8.10PDF
LPA 1250 BR9 mm Rifle (5 Shots)1.250″8.02PDF
ACRYLIC 3UL Level 3, 44 MAG (3 Shots)1.250″8.02PDF

Patriot Armor Laminated Polycarbonate sheets provide protection against multiple-shot penetration as well as forced entry attempts. Protection is also provided against spalling the passage of fragments or splinters that could cause injury to anyone standing behind the protective unit. An abrasion-resistant coating is applied to both sides for long-term durability.

Patriot Armor Laminated Polycarbonate sheets offer protection, excellent optical clarity and typically weigh less than other bullet-resistant materials.

schematic_laminated_polycarbonateWe also manufacture laminates to meet your specific threat or standards specifications. Please call with your requirements.

Available Colors:
Clear, Grey, Green or Bronze Tints