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Passenger Vehicles & Fleets Protection

Different Vehicles, Same Need for Protection

For 30 years, Patriot Armor has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of high-performance ballistic glass for automobiles. Our corporate and private clients benefit from our experience with ballistic protection for military vehicles and for facilities around the world. Whether it’s a passenger sedan, van, limousine, armored truck, or any other type of vehicle, Patriot Armor offers the ultimate ballistic and blast protection available. Our skilled craftsmen custom manufacture curved or flat ballistic glass to the tight dimensional tolerances required for vehicles. And because spalling the splintering of fragments can be just as damaging as the initial attack, Patriot Armor provides a variety of no-spall and low-spall materials. Visual clarity is never compromised at Patriot Armor and our variety of tints ensures privacy.

Be sure to check out our Ballistic Glass Clad specifications.

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Different Vehicles, Same Need for Protection