All Glass Laminates

PAS 001AG9mm (3 Shots)1.185″15.25PDF
PAS ULI9mm (3 Shots), UL Listed1.28″16.2PDF
PAS 002AG.357 MAG, 9mm (3 Shots)1.40″17.94PDF
PAS 003AG.44 MAG, .357 MAG, 9mm (3 Shots)1.59″20.38PDF
PAS 004AG308, 30-06, 7.62 X 39 SC (AK 47) 5.56 X 45 M1932.00″25.63PDF
PAS 008AG30-06 AP M22.40″29.76PDF
Assault Glass-None-.75” 9PDF
Whether supplied flat or curved for a specific application, Patriot Armor Laminated Glass offers the durability of traditional bullet-resistant glazing at an extremely affordable cost. These glass laminates meet NIJ and UL standards for bullet-resistant applications. We also manufacture laminated glass to meet any other standard you may require.

schematic_all_glass_laminateWe can provide you with the following surfaces:

  • Tempered
  • Heat Strengthened
  • Annealed
  • Chemically Strengthened
  • Grey, Green or Bronze Tints
We can provide a variety of laminates to stop your specified threat level.