STUDENTSHIELD Security Glazing

Laminated safety glass constructed of proprietary transparent materials. STUDENTSHIELD security glazing is designed to withstand extensive physical attack (H.P. White 0500.02 Level 1) 25 impacts from a sledge hammer and, also withstand ballistic protection from small handguns (H.P. White Level A ballistics). STUDENTSHIELD complies with standard safety glazing codes for all interior and exterior applications.

Testing: H.P White 0500.02 FE, H.P. White Level A Ballistics




Light Transmittence

U Value

Shading Co


Interior specifications: 4.7 Lbs / sqft .5” 87% PDF
Exterior Specifications: 7.5 Lbs/ sqft 1″ 73% .33 .77

All glass should be installed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the current addition of GANA Glazing and sealant manuals. Patriot Armor recommends no less than ½” bite on all edges. Glazing should be wet glazed on the protected side of the glazing with a high quality structural silicone to promote glazing retention during attack. Product testing has incorporated Dow 995 structural sealant.