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Covid Sneeze Guards – Latest Product Line

By July 9, 2020July 13th, 2020News

Free Standing Sneeze Guard With Pass Through

When you need a light and flexible social distancing tool to keep your employees and customers safe, the Free Standing Acrylic Sneeze Guard With Pass Through has got you covered! Featuring a durable clear acrylic panel, these can be quickly set up and transported for changing priorities. The central pass through makes transactions a snap! The clear panel also creates a universal appearance making this sneeze guard a seamless addition to banks, retail hunter tops, libraries, DMV offices, grocery stores, and classrooms.

Other Features:

  • Central pass through panel for convenient paper and monetary transactions
  • Durable clear acrylic panel is designed to last for years of use
  • Easily cleans with soap, water, and disinfecting spray
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy and transport
  • Great for banks, libraries, classrooms, grocery stores, and retail counter tops